Assessing Agricultural Runoff's Impact on Groundwater Quality: A Comprehensive Study


  • Dr. Osama Asanousi Lamma Department of Soil & Water Faculty of Agricultural, Bani Waleed University, Libya

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Jufra region, Agricultural runoff, Hydrogeology, Agricultural Ecology, Groundwater Quality, Natural and Anthropogenic Factors


In this comprehensive study of the Jufra region in Libya, we delve into the intricate dynamics between agricultural runoff and groundwater quality. Employing a multifaceted methodology, encompassing meticulous field measurements, rigorous laboratory analyses, and sophisticated modeling techniques, we scrutinize the nuanced impact of contemporary agricultural practices on the local aquifer. The research illuminates the intricate interplay of natural and anthropogenic factors, contributing to an enhanced comprehension of the groundwater quality paradigm in arid landscapes. Our findings unravel the extent of contamination and potential hazards posed by agricultural runoff, rendering valuable insights into the sustainable management of water resources. Through a judicious synthesis of empirical evidence and theoretical frameworks, this study navigates the complex terrain of hydrogeology and agricultural ecology, shedding light on the repercussions of human activities on a vital natural resource. The outcomes of this investigation are poised to inform strategic interventions and policy formulations, fostering resilience in water management practices amid evolving environmental challenges. This research serves as a pertinent milestone in advancing our understanding of groundwater quality dynamics, particularly in arid ecosystems facing the confluence of climate variability and agricultural intensification.




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Dr. Osama Asanousi Lamma. (2024). Assessing Agricultural Runoff’s Impact on Groundwater Quality: A Comprehensive Study. مجلة شمال إفريقيا للنشر العلمي (NAJSP), 2(1), 54–62. استرجع في من



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